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Flood Prevention Tips
Help Prevent Storm Water Backups

FloodDepending where you live, flooding can occur at any time during the year. To help prevent storm water backups in your neighborhood and on your property, here are some tips that can help.

Storm water can backup on any property, commercial or residential

  • Make sure all storm sewer drains are free of debris that could inhibit water flow.
  • Make sure your ditch and driveway are clear of debris.
  • Keep gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves and sticks that may block the flow of water from your roof.
  • Properly grade the area under your downspouts and around your home or business so rain water flows away from your foundation. Splash blocks can help rain water at downspouts flow in the proper direction. If necessary, extend your downspouts.
  • Set plantings away from the foundation to ensure regular watering does not add to soil moisture.
  • Ensure that landscaping around your foundation starts at 8″ down from the top of the foundation wall and slopes away from the house. Failure to do so may cause moisture to build up at or around the foundation promoting mold growth.